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The sun rejects you light
so there's an eclipse
the earth forbids you life
so she freezes over
the sky blues sets a limit
so you cant fly
youre a prisoner
but you can fight it
so why dont you?
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lie #2
common sense...
common sense is a hidden lie.
base on assumption and it all the assumption are similar to the next guys
then the title "common sense" it applied.
if a person doesn't apply the same assumption to a problem or theory then they're called "dumb"
it hidden because situations like laws come in
its "common sense" to follow the law
translation- if its a law people assume that that law is based on something that everybody knows
am i saying "common sense is wrong? no
cause i have the same assumption as the next guy sometimes
and on the other hand that assumption is wrong and there are other way to "complete a task"
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you're in your room
you're laying in bed
staring at the ceiling
beside you lays a note
written from the ex
you haven't opened it
but written on the front in crimson
say "owoxo"...war
turn your head
looking to the damned letter
you stare at it with full curiosity
wanting to know if you end up dead afterwards
pick the note up
open it..
in black "I love you"
now you wonder why?
you were screwed over
left for better and potential not tap in
no chances were taken
didn't get to know you
yet this is what you're left with
your curiosity killed you
now you know what war is
you take the note
get a lighter
set the edge on fire
and watch it burn
as the flame grows bigger you make a fist
smoking out
flame smothered
loosen up
nothing but ashes
blow em out then watch them fall
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turn it on,
notes shift,
sound speaks,
time to still
what is it?
whispers in your ears
noise sync,
your pulse now one with what you hear
mind wonders
speaks truth
don't want to pause it...
you let it play
it plays on
this tune,
you dream
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you're in a room
white walls, white ceiling, tan carpet
no windows,
but there's a sign
the sign flickers on,
your mind starts to wonders and the room changes to me your minds creativity
you picture the urbanization of different shapes
space, you secrets, your fears
buildings appear and disappear,
more rooms added to that one room
vast seas come and go
you're free,
free to wonder where ever your mind takes you...
but are you really?
are you really free, or are you damned and confined to that one space,
never allowed to communicate with other minds?
are you really free?
life means nothings in this room
you're in control of what goes on but, are you really free?
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Lies #1
there is no such thing as a "normal" person,just a person who is common and matches their environmental setting,people are too diverse in characteristic to have a normal or basic/base, meaning there are too many different settings to have one person be the starting point,translation we're all different, no matter how much of the same stuff we do.
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it simpleyour mind is complex
it simple
your mind is complex
everybody talks about you like a test subject
maybe you are...
maybe... everything you know is opposite
what if, in the day when you think you're awake you're sleeping
what if when you dream that your reality
what if, if when you die
instead you wake up,
come to find out you're only five and the life you had never was
the garden of Eden, the hanging gardens of Babylon, and Limbo itself is all real
they hide in plan site,
what if people who realize the truth actually wake instead of dying...
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take a look in the mirror..
take a look in the mirror
you see your reflection
you look yourself in the eye
take a step back,
there's a chair
you sit and look still facing the mirror
your reflection is still standing
it comes out of the mirror
now two people in the room yet there is only one
its there,
you're there
you talk about the mysteries of your life
cause that's the only thing that matters
conversation of...
your fears, your joy, your weakness, your strength
time passes
you cant win,
you grow bored of...
it grows bored of...
so it returns till the next day,
then you do it all over again,
you wait till the next day
to have the same conversation again
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its the same enemy
they give you the same issues
and have the same result
judgmental, standardize, common
they want you to be same
society wants you to "fit in"
they want the stereo types to hold true
they're scared of difference
society rejects the "weird", the out spoken...
they reject characters
you have to meet the standards given
or you wont survive, and do it the way they want it to be done
any other way is "illegal" or "morally wrong" in there eyes
those who go astray are label as "rebels", "anarchist"...
even sinners if you want to get religious
now with all this being said why is it optional?
why does society, social media, politicians, modern day so called philosophers
make being out there or with them optional?
or is it because we have laws "protecting" us from being subjected to "groups"
laws that are only there to keep the peace
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